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Once you have been briefed and your goals are clear, we get to work. After assessing your status, we’ll help you choose the most potentially beneficial available repayment program, and give you a rough estimate of whether the program could reduce your monthly payments.

At Federal Student Loan Help, we deliver results and reduce the financial stress associated with federal student loans. Give us just five minutes of your time. We will assess your situation and provide an overview of your repayment program options.

We work with Clients 1-on-1. No WebX. No podcasts. No Skype. No apps. No Interactive PDFs. Our Advisors provide an overview of how the system works, they determine what federal program could be the most beneficial for you. The advisors will also help you to gather, organize and update the information required. Our processing team will then prepare the documents that will be needed.

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Student Loan Debt has surpassed 1 TRILLION dollars and the average college graduate has over $26,000 in student loan debt at graduation. Federal Student Loan Help was created with one goal in mind, to HELP students and parents by assisting them with identifying what federal programs are available, and assisting students and parents with preparing the documents for those programs. Our qualified Student Loan Debt Counselors will evaluate your loans and provide you with a FREE no obligation Federal Student Loan Informational session, showing you how you may qualify for repayment assistance from the department of education.

Potential Benefits From Federal Repayment Assistance

  • Qualify for income based Programs

  • Save on your monthly payment

  • Benefit from government programs

  • Multiple student loan services solutions available

  • Parent plus loans may qualify

Learn how much lower your monthly payments may be after qualifying for Student Loan Services

*Not all federal student loan borrowers will qualify for
repayment assistance.